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Upgrade to latest AWS SDK


I know that this project has become dormant (and feature complete with regards to SimpleDB), but I wondered if any thought had been given to updating to the latest SDK?

I can go ahead and fork it and start working on it, but I just don't want to duplicate any effort.

We have a migration plan that involves structuring our repository to use both SimpleDB and DynamoDB, but can't get at the DynamoDB bits from the SDK without moving to the new SDK.

I know that there are considerable breaking changes (simplification of class structure, consistent naming conventions, etc...) in the newest SDK and wondered if anyone had hit any show-stoppers when trying to upgrade.

I'll try to update this thread if I make any progress.

Ashley - thanks for such a terrific (and stable) product. We've been using it in production for more than a couple of years now and it has never let us down.



hlesesne wrote Apr 30, 2014 at 3:11 AM

I took a quick stab at it and it seemed to go pretty well.

The big thing is renaming AmazonSimpleDB to AmazonSimpleDBClient and then converting a lot of the result objects to have correctly pluralized list names (an oversight in previous versions of AWS SDK).

Tests all pass, I'll probably try to use it in a sample application sometime later this week to see how it goes.

If anyone would like the updated source code, please let me know. I haven't installed SVN on my current dev machine and I didn't see a GIT endpoint.



ashleytate wrote Apr 30, 2014 at 3:31 AM


Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad it's been working well for you.

Send me a patch or the updated code and I'll make it available in some form to anyone else who's interested.