Simol v1.0.0

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Released: May 23, 2011
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Application Simol v1.0.0 (Assemblies, Examples, and API doc)
application, 4065K, uploaded May 23, 2011 - 592 downloads

Release Notes

New Features and Updates

  • Added support for BatchDeleteAttributes operation
  • Updated to AWS SDK 1.3.5
  • Select operations now allow null parameter values to select records with null attribute values in SimpleDB.
  • Easy encryption of values stored in SimpleDB using SpanAttribute
  • New SelectUtils class for help with complex queries (selecting lists of objects with lists of attribute values, skipping over select results using select count(*) with NextToken)
  • Optimization of auto-domain creation to minimize expensive CreateDomain operations
  • API pruning and cleanup as part of renaming to Simol

Steps to convert from Simple Savant to Simol:

  1. Replace project references to Coditate.Savant.dll with reference to Simol.dll
  2. Find/replace "ISimpleSavant", "ISimpleSavant2", and "ISimpleSavantU" with "ISimol"
  3. Find/replace "SimpleSavant" with "SimolClient"
  4. Find/replace "Coditate.Savant" and "Savant" with "Simol"
  5. Change use of SimpleSavant.Put(params item object[]) to Simol.Put(object) or Simol.Put<T>(List<T>()
  6. Change use of SimpleSavant.PutAttributes(params item PropertyValues[]) to Simol.PutAttributes(PropertyValues) or Simol.PutAttributes(List<PropertyValues>()
  7. Change use of IDomainConstraint.BeforeDelete(object itemName, params string[] propertyNames) to BeforeDelete(object itemName, List<string> propertyNames)
  8. If using full-text indexing copy data from SavantSystem domain to SimolSystem domain. Otherwise indexes will be completely rebuilt after upgrading.

Other Breaking Changes

  • SpanType enum has changed. Values are now flags.
  • CommandParameter.Values is now a read-only IList property
  • CommandParameter constructor now accepts null values rather than discarding them (Null is now allowed as a parameter value for querying null attributes in SimpleDb)
  • WriteMonitor and IndexBuilder constructors have been changed to accept a single reference to the ISimol interface
  • SelectCommand.Reset() must be invoked before reusing command object.

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