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Project Description
.NET persistence framework for Amazon SimpleDB. Parameterized selects, lexicographical date and number formats, integrated caching, full-text search, and more.
  • Mapping object properties to SimpleDB attributes
  • .NET-style parameterized select commands
  • Full-text searching/indexing with Lucene.NET
  • Attribute spanning and compression to store property values larger than SimpleDB 1024 byte limit
  • Attribute encryption
  • Formatting support for most .NET value types including all numeric types, nullable types, generic collections, TimeSpan, DateTime, Enum, and Guid
  • Reliable-writes that ensure cross-domain data-consistency
  • Date and number formats that support lexicographical ordering
  • Asynchronous support for all operations
  • Unlimited select results in a single call and transparent handling of SimpleDB query timeouts
  • Object versioning using SimpleDB conditional puts
  • Customizable data constraint/validation logic
  • Integrated read/write caching
  • Automatic domain creation
  • Compatible with .NET 3.5 and higher

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Simol was originally developed to support GridRoom, a site for collaborative sports video analysis:


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